Pro Skater Bucky Lasek - Think Adoption First (Petco)

Pro Skater and Driver, Bucky Lasek, is among several celebrities that devoted their time to produce videos that promote pet adoption (the “Think Adoption First project is fueled by Petco).

In Bucky’s video, he talks about his ambition as a skater and how he would, “Push [himself]. Feel that fear and try to conquer it.” He also shares the mantra to, “be more than [you’ve] ever dreamed of being.” Allow that ambition to take you around the world and then, settle down and adopt a dog.

Bucky’s message of drive and ambition is great. And of course, “Think Adoption First”. But not everyone needs to wait until they “settle down” to adopt a dog. Yes, responsible pet ownership is key and you should make sure you’ve thought ahead before committing to a pet because it should always be for as long as the animal lives. But if no one that travels or works an occasional long day could consider owning a pet – well, many more would sit in shelters. Be responsible about adoptions. Think it through. Then, take solace in knowing that no family is “perfect” so you may need to plan integrated pet day care or some other creative system to ensure that new fur baby will have everything s/he needs.

When you are ready – always “Think Adoption First”.

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