MLB Player Tyson Ross- Won Over by a Pibble Smile

Tyson Ross, San Diego Padres pitcher, is no stranger to fans approaching him after a game, but one night after a training session, Tyson fell for a special fan – a stray pit bull.

Lots of people would have turned away. Stray animals aren’t uncommon – especially in warmer climates where people will simply dump an unwanted pet, thinking it will survive on its own. Tyson stepped up and took the pup in.

His name is “Maverick”. Props to Tyson for melting at that pibble smile. Hopefully celebrity attention like this will work to soften some of the breed discrimination that’s still quite rampant.

In addition to loving a pit bull mix, Tyson Ross joined Petco to create this video that promotes “Think Adoption First”. In case you’re thinking, “Wait – he picked up a stray and didn’t adopt from a shelter.” That’s still a huge help to shelters. Think about it. If Tyson didn’t make Maverick a member of his family, the pup would have ended up at a shelter (or worse). By investing in Maverick’s care himself, Tyson saved a shelter from having to put resources into another pit bull that was irresponsibly dumped.

Thanks to Tyson and his family for stepping up for Maverick. “Think Adoption First”

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