Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal is Breaking Pit Bull Stereotypes

I love it when celebrities use their status to make a difference for animals. Well, Jon Bernthal from the Walking Dead just made a fan of me. In the last few decades, spay/neuter efforts have made a difference for animals across the country, but cats and pit bull-type breeds are still facing an uphill battle.

Animal Farm Foundation has created The Majority Project to shed light on the fact that the majority of people that own pit bulls are regular people with loving pets. In fact, pit bulls used to be the “nanny dogs” just a few decades ago. Doesn’t anyone remember “Petey” from the Little Rascals? Sergeant Stubby was the most decorated military dog in U.S. history and he too was a pit bull.

Sadly, a surge in popularity of dog fighting culture has led to lots of irresponsible breeding, ownership, and stigma for a once celebrated breed.

Anyone that loves a pittie can join The Majority Project:

1. Download and print this 8.5 x11 (standard printer paper size) POSTER:


2. In the blank spot, fill in a word that describes your valued role in your community or in your family.

3. Gather up your family dogs, hold up the poster, and have your photo taken. If there are multiple people in your photo – such as other family members – have each individual hold up their own, personalized poster.

4. Submit your photo (and find more details) here.

Help show the world that “pit bull” parents are everyday people, the dogs are loving family members, and that we are the majority.
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