Chicago Animal Shelter Helps Indiana Shelter Recover from Fire

Chicago Animal Shelter Helps Indiana Shelter Recover from Fire
Erika Sensnovis (left) of The Anti-Cruelty Society delivering items to of the Calumet Humane Society

Erika Sensnovis (left) of The Anti-Cruelty Society delivering items to Rachel Delaney of the Humane Society Calumet Area

Animal shelters are there to help animals in need, but who helps the shelters when they find themselves at a loss? On the night of July 2nd the Humane Society Calumet Area experienced a fire. No lives were lost, but some valuable resources were destroyed and when help came in from others shelters, Stephanie Peterson of the Calumet shelter was reminded that, “all animal welfare agencies, big or small, are working toward the same goal of saving homeless, abused, or neglected animals from cruel fates.”NBC5 Chicago reported the fire early on July 3rd with the great news that 300 animals were safely evacuated and the fire was extinguished before it took any lives. On the heels of the great news was a call for help – items critical for animal care were destroyed in the fire and the shelter was in need of bleach, towels, blankets, pet beds, toys, and litter pans.

Many often think of shelters needing money and loving forever homes, but most shelters also have perpetual “wish lists” of other items that people can collect in a home or office.

The story and plea went out on Facebook. Along with caring individuals, other organizations took note. The Anti-Cruelty Society shared the call for supplies with its followers and volunteers, took up a collection, and delivered the items to Calumet.

This story is great because it reminds us that “helpers” are everywhere. They work at the animal shelters everyday saving the lives of animals and touching the lives of people who are helped by pets. Helpers also come in the form of the people that share calls for help on social media and those that answer such calls with supplies, vehicles, manual labor, and any other resource that can help another in a time of need. Everyone has the power to make a difference.

Organizations can have heart too and bring added power of pooling resources. Stephanie from the Calumet Humane Society says, “by working together, shelters and rescues can accomplish extraordinary things.  Our experience over the last week has been trying, but it has given us hope for the future of animal welfare in our region.”

Cal delivery

Stephanie Peterson of the Humane Society Calumet Area unloading donations

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