MONE is the nickname that I have since I was born. I am 38 years old and just arrived to live in this country, one year ago. Chicago has become one of my favorite cities.

I am a professional in Marketing and left my job to continue my life as a new mom now, in these lands. With almost four years of a happy marriage, I work as an independent consultant and have also started a business with my husband. As an amateur runner, I love sports, but one of my greatest passions is writing.

My first language is Spanish, so I will do my best to improve my English and still may have bugs, same I kindly ask you to forgive, beforehand. I love the involvement of the people, the diversity of opinions, tastes and ideas ... it is what enriches and makes of this world, a delicious salad. I thank God for this new phase of my life in every sense.

My email is: monegil74@gmail.com Twitter: @monegil74