My new diet

My new diet

For over two decades I have done more than 30 different diets,  consumed and applied on my body, all sorts of potions, ointments, home remedies, teas, spices, soaps, lotions, food supplements and everything that claims to reduce weight and sizes. Though not my degree, in the practice of many years, I have become an accountant: calories, fat grams, carbohydrates, protein, sodium, fiber, cholesterol, sugars, starches, and even the number of bites that I can give to a rice cracker to ingest it slowly, have been recorded in my mental calculator … but I always land in the same place: I give up, I get mad, disappointed, I end consuming more and then I say “this does not result. ”

Surely you’ll be thinking that I’ll mention exercise, but I won’t. Not this time. I’ve always practiced it and it is a great joy, no doubt, but ii is neither the absolute palliative for that constant struggle against the scale, nor the sole remedy for mood and high energy, so today it is not a topic to require your attention.

Last night I had this unusual feeling of clarity; I found out, in those extraordinary magical five minutes we can all get if we just let it flow a bit, that the appetite sometimes I feel is not for food: it’s clear that I need to nurture more and better, but with essential things of life. Let me explain better…

When we wake up, we have, from the very first second we open our eyes, endless options: laze around a little more, get up abruptly, stretch slowly and thank for another day of life, be upset because the sun hits our eyes through the window, etc. From there we continue with the variety of initiatives to choose very minute to what we do with the rest of our lives, at least until it gets dark again. The story begins again and again, every morning … it’s like a new opportunity to pick something better … it’s like a rebirth.

This is the way I see it now: every single choice we make, no matter how tiny it may seem, becomes the nutrients (good, bad or regular) that we give to our body – physical and / or spiritual – all the time. For example: when we are about to have a coffee with a friend, seconds before it happens, we have in our hands a crucial decision: build our chat based on positive contents or do exactly the opposite (which is easy and tempting) and criticize the absent, remind bad news, telling other people’s indiscretions, etc.. The words we choose, the attitudes we adopt, the topics we discuss and much more, are the ones that make us to be really nourished or full of junk in our mind, soul and, as a result,  in our body. If this last thing happens, we keep a feeling of emptiness, which according to my latest theory, becomes biologically manifested to cause starvation.

Daily life is like a buffet and dishes are the choices: sweetness broth, bitterness soup, insight salad, cocktail of frustration, hope and faith souffle, pessimism stew in its own juice, charity ravioli, selfishly lasagna, skewers of love and forgiveness, resentment pies, crepes stuffed with goodness immersed in a sauce of good mood … and a variety of desserts to choose from. What will we prefer: those that momentarily satiate or permanently nourish us?.

So far, this is what I’ll do: I will improve the components of my daily “food”. I am determined. I choose to have the highest percentage of what I eat, nutritive. I will leave, as it is human, inevitable and perhaps even “healthy”, some occasional junk food to avoid an extreme – unreal and even exaggerated – to totally abstain from human vices that have some flavor and also make us part of a group: occasionally complain , become critical sometimes, and so on.

So, my friends, here is my diet: I substitute fight for peace (has fewer calories), criticism for recognition of the virtues (fat free), gossip for an  enriched talk (low cholesterol), I choose either what or who I have close to me and the time devoted to them, I pay real attention to what my mouth says, I forgive, apologize, accept and welcome other styles, tastes and personalities, I continue thanking and praying … and , as a sweet and light dessert, I hug a lot and keep loving.

Now it is time: let’s lose weight and walk lightly!

With love and few calories,



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  • Good for you!

    I have always said that Happiness is an attitude, not a state of being.




  • In reply to HectorMedina:

    My dear Héctor,
    I totally agree... It is all about attitude !!. Thanks so much for taking the time of writing such a lovely comment. I wish you health and blessings, all the time.
    Hugs for you and your family !!!

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