A Tribute to My Mom

A Tribute to My Mom

During a hot day in July and being a little girl I was wearing for the first time, some white trousers which combined well with the pink blouse of Hello Kitty that I wanted to look that morning; I felt more than frustrated and upset when discovered in front of the mirror, that I wouldn’t be able to use the garment in question because it showed the contour of my panties with its filmy fabric. That angered me, (following the characteristic women’s caprices that even to my young age I was already showing), since it was what I had planned to dress that day, with no further options. My mother, who twice tried to persuade me about how good I looked, gave in to my stubborn attitude, so with a smile and without modifying her joyous mood, suggested : “so, if the problem is that the panties can be seen, why don’t you take them off? “.

Perplexing, no doubt, but it was better to get used to it, because before this event and to this day, I have the blessing of receiving suggestions equally surprising and mostly very practical, as a product of her blessed distinctiveness.

My mom is a unique human being. Moms of all should be, no doubt, but I speak of mine and today I want to show off. Without breaking her principles, she’s is a person whose balance between what should be and what you would love to do or say, but do not dare, is difficult to imitate.

Being a lady from head to toe, she is the perfect counselor to go with and listening something like “kiss him and you’ll know” when abut youth healthy love and doubts we can be talking. Yes, she is like she is: relaxed, safe, modern, updated and, from what I’ve seen in 39 years of life, very happy.

Even though I want to follow her footsteps, I am far from it and I am different in many things but I’m glad at the same time, because that way I can enjoy her amazing charm and the holy spark in her eyes that look at life as if it was an exquisite buffet of healthy, yet fun, delicious and also free food. In her subject index you won’t find concepts as the valley of tears, or diseases, or misfortune, or diets, nor sinners, nor bad luck. If you are looking for her to make an accomplice of criticism or gossip, you won’t find her, but if you need to remember that life is a miracle and it is a privilege to be part of it, that the presence of God (or as each wants to interpret it) is omnipresent and that what seems bad today, tomorrow will be the response of a “why”, then she’ll be in the front row, waiting for you.

My mother, slender, beautiful and full of color, is a woman that travels, stays at home, visits people, is visited, goes alone, accompanies, searches, finds, reads, laughs, dances, sings, enjoys, pampers, adores food, sleeps well, ruffles her hair, is surprised, does not get scared, unifies, plays, has fun, talks, inquires, discusses, hushes, prays … does not get tired of being happy.

Now that I am a mother, I want to be for my son, at least half of what she is to me. That could mean, in a few decades, “I did it”.

Lucky sons who, like me, have mothers who would like to see or call every day of their lives.

Happy day,



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    Your mom is definitelly the best mom on earth, I wish I had your ellocuence to express it so well, but she truly is the most wonderful thing ever happen.

  • In reply to Nacho:

    Yes, my dear, she is what you say and you knew it before I was born !. She's also wonderful for giving me the brother I have. Love you.

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    Congratulations on this day Sis-Mom!! Great to read you today and wonderful to see your mom from your eyes. A big hug to Tia Tere.

  • In reply to Angeles Herreramoro:

    Thank you very much, dear sis-friend !. Great to have a reader like you !. I'll send the hug and I hope you give me one, when in Mexico, soon. Have a great weekend ! :)

  • Loved it. How fortunate you are to have such a wonderful person as your mother. And I say this because she's truly a mother's mother. She mothers everyone that crosses her path. Including me! That's why I love to spend time with her. She's beautiful and nurturing and I'm sure you will follow in her footsteps. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  • In reply to Blondie Flowers:

    Wooow ! This is such a flattering comment, Blondie Friend !. THANK YOU a thousand times !. I'd love you to spend the time you want when she is visiting us, since we'll have you around. I honestly pray for doing a similar ( or close to it, at least ) role in my mother's functions. I know you DO also have the best mom, ever ( she's still living IN you ), so congratulations for that and for yourself... seeing your children, you deserve a big big applause !!

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