The pleasure of aging

The pleasure of aging

When I turned 30 I felt a terrible nostalgia for leaving behind and forever, the well-known twenties and going fully and without permission, to the feared thirties… I was ordinarily involved in the trivial thought  that when entering to the decade that begins with 3 I would start becoming old, because only 10 years later would be joining the almost terrifying, at that time, forties.

In a couple of months I will be 39 years old.

If they ask me what time of my life after childhood I have felt better with the person who inhabits inside me, I would respond that it is that which goes from 35 years of age until today. I enjoyed my teenage years, but I also cried and suffered for incomprehension and pimples on my face, while I lived subject to the support of my parents and must deliver good scores in my school grades.  I also enjoyed the twenties from start to finish and will always have them stored in my memory as something special for everything they gave me: great friends, a career, challenging jobs, an income, social skills, independence, energy, travel, love and heartbreaks but also a path to follow, obstacles to solve and a need for awareness that those years could not have given me. My thirties arrived and I felt at the beginning that nothing had changed much in relation to their predecessors, but as some Springs passed, I noticed how the weight of things were distributed differently in my scale of priorities and thereby, eased the burden of my walk through life. I do not know what will happen in a year or two, but I know that, if everything goes according to the rhythm that I have until today, enjoying more of my existence while it accumulates more years, then I win.

The proof is in the pudding:

My friends, brother, cousins, all of them in their thirty-something and forty-something are parents, married, single, divorced and even widowers, more handsome than ever, and eager of being and doing – some physically and others spiritually – non-stop, good talkers, successful executives, instructors, designers, marathoners, chefs, photographers, entrepreneurs, teachers, housewives, with small children, adolescents, young… always updated, funny, shy or extroverted, but invariably present, participants in the world and how it turns with them inside, giving what they know how to give and always looking for answers to what they have wondered, in the unavoidable desire to nurture, in their own way, their spirit, to go one step further in their own way… all of them are an icon of dynamic youth that remains in their lives, attached to a healthy body of four decades average that perhaps shows some new folds, but that is nothing more than the indelibly signature of a greater sanity and good sense, of a spiritual stability found in their balance of experiences and a life full of seasoning that not even the most complete and detailed adventures book could have provided in its pages. Blessed forties, owners of the best of two worlds: vitality and lucidity.

If I would go deep of what we can expect after the forties, my more vivid and nearby examples would fill every reader, woman or man, of an objective hope:

Husband, cousins, brothers-in-law, friends and colleagues, people crossing the 5th decade … They are just full of light and an added knowledge of things, they are more self-controlled and firm folks, aware of what they want and what they don’t. Honest with their decisions and mostly serene, but also active, good-looking, some of them athletes, readers… and all of them, with seductive personalities that only the years could have given them.

My mother and her friends, my father, to bring some examples… all of them going through the 6th decade… differently, but all they are, clear symbols that years pass and beauty doesn’t end but became elegantly, because in addition to the appearance that turns into something firm, mature, respectable, the lightness of the steps when walking, the perception of the vicissitudes and the easy solution to the problems, the sense of humor, the assessment of the time and space among many other factors, take unimaginable shades.

My adored uncles, in-laws and friends… 7th and 8th decades… lucid, thinking, counselors, mature, funny, complacent, energetic, loving, independent in what they should, strong, lovers of life, believers, still romantic, educated, read, funny, energetic, amazing. That’s the way I want to be in a few years, when I reach them.

To all those who feel identified with the positive side of these decades and also have around you, people that you admire, as I do , congratulations !.

Those who really love life are those who are aging.


My hug,



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    Well said. I love that you celebrate this moment that you are leaving now and what you have learned from prior years. Also that you look forward to the beautiful years that God has in store for you.

    I am also thankful for all the lessons learned and the ones that I eagerly await.

    2 hugs!!!!

  • In reply to Rosalinda:

    Ro, thanks for your comment. I will enjoy my 39 when they come, but will feel blessed for the next year, as well.
    You must feel part of this blog, since my inspiration came from all of my beloved friends.
    4 hugs for you, my dear !

  • Great thinking! Thanks for sharing!

  • Adri: I hope you found yourself in the content, my dear marathoner, entrepreneur, housewife, mom... super woman !. As always, thanks for reading my blog posts. See you soon ! Hugs.

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    Tere, it's always nice to speak about all the things we gain as we age especially when society can be obsessed with staying "young". Thanks for the article!

    For applications of this idea to the workplace, I really enjoyed reading this book this year:
    Changing on the Job by Jennifer Garvey Berger.

  • Fer, what a joy to read you! You're right: there is a strange obsession with youth and perhaps it is only necessary to adjust our mental program: being young is not lack of wrinkles, but make good use of our energy. I will see the link that you've shared. Thanks for reading !!

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