Less INTERnet, more INNER silence

Less INTERnet, more INNER silence

While I was hastily typing the keyboard of my computer, tirelessly surfing the internet, a rare feeling invaded my body, a kind of deep silence made me only hear the beating of my heart: there he was, my wonderful 10 month old son, who minutes before was crawling across the floor of the room where I regularly write or do my cyber consultations … he remained paralyzed and I knew it because I stopped listening to the rustle of his pajamas with the fabric of the carpet; as an immediate action I turned to see him and his beautiful eyes were stuck in my soul … he was firmly looking at me, sweetly but without smiling. I think he was doing it for a while. It would seem pure fiction if I said it was as if he spoke without words, but that’s exactly what I perceived. I enjoyed the silence while I also suffered: there were just a few seconds, interrupted by the thirst of holding and hugging that little piece of human flesh, so full of life and own light. Needless to say that in that very moment I disconnected any technological device and stayed focused and happy, admiring the wonder of life and creation: a baby who recently just mumbled and now tries again and again, to stand up on two little legs and say “dada” or “mama”.
Long time no write … and now I do it because my son is sleeping and I want to share that since this special look took place and until this moment I breathe, I’m more eager than ever to witness and experience what is happening here and now. I want to touch, squeeze and feel that pair of little legs, little arms and fantastic cheeks inviting to live there, to remain several hours engrossed, like many other wonders that are now around me: the fruit I eat in the morning and that now I want to slowly peel with my fingers; the soft and cute conical head of my dog, my unconditional companion, loving ball of hair that meets me at every opportunity, looking for the constant pampering, the water falling on me when I shower and that warms my skin, protecting me from the outside tough cold, the hug of my husband, the steam of the tea next to me, my mother’s voice on the other side of the phone, the cards I hold between my fingers to play canasta with my friends, while laughing for the nerves or sighing for the excitement, the texture of my pajamas when I finally go to bed, the conversation with God to make the check list of the day, the deep breaths of a nice sleep … all this and much more deserves my attention and my constant gratitude.
Alongside these delights and because of an internal noise that kept me somehow “blocked”, a few nights ago I began to meditate, or at least try … The inner silence … what a great pleasure. In the silence many questions are answered because we put ourselves in full tune with the sole power of creation (for me, God, but everyone can call as finds better). The mind becomes clear and harmony emerges, being able to deeply appreciate the totality of life. I am just beginning, but the noise has decreased dramatically and appreciation for the beauty of my environments, is strongly resurging.
I appreciate all the technological tools that we have today, no doubt, but I choose to use them when reasonably necessary, because in my opinion, they’re far from helping to find that state of consciousness in which we can observe ourselves, realizing that we are not our thoughts, and these are not the reality.
Bye for now, wishing everyone to find his own inner silence, if at any time, as I experience now there’s the need to discover it … and if you just found it long before me, enjoy it fully.

“Pay attention to any signs of grace or beauty. Stay awake at all times to the news always coming from the silence. “

My hug, for those who want it.


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  • I missed your blogs Mone. I am very happy to read you again, as always, I truly enjoy reading them!

  • In reply to Adriana:

    Thank you so much, Adri ! I feel honored with your words. Enjoy this week and hugs for you.

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    First of all. This is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen. He is sooo handsome.
    You made me cry!!
    Thank you for reminding us of what is really important in life.
    We get so caught up with technology that we forget what is happening around us. I am happy you are taking the time to enjoy the beautiful gifts and miracles that God give us every second.
    Thank you for the hug and please keep giving them
    Lots of love!!!!

  • In reply to Rosalinda:

    Dear Ro: if you give me the license, then feel always embraced by me, another pleasure of life. Thanks for reading me!

  • Technology is just a tool. A means to an end.
    We should never let the means over-ride the ends.
    Babies grow up REAL fast! LOL!
    Enjoy it while you can. Soon he will be walking out the door with a degree under his belt and looking for wider horizons to conquer.
    Ask me how I know . . . ;-)



  • In reply to HectorMedina:

    Now you worried me, dear Hector. I better use the time now and squeeze my son as much as possible. Thanks for commenting and besos for you too!

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    Mone: In my humble opinion, this is by far the best blog you've written. It shows a little bit of you in a very personal and special way. Being a mother is probably a woman's most important definition in life and I am very happy you are enjoying it. Keep on loving and raising and pamepering you little one...they do grow up very fast.

  • In reply to Annick Rodriguez:

    Thanks, dear Annick, for your lovely comment. Motherhood is probably one of those definitions you mention, but also for those who don't have children, the blessed sound of silence and attention to the really important things are just a few of my most sincere wishes.

  • Nothing compares to the smiles of your own child(ren). There are so many distractions now a days, and I confess that I am so often distracted by some much technology, it's good to be reminded that there's nothing like spending time with loved ones. Enjoy that cupcake of a baby that you have because very soon, he'll be gone and you'll be wondering where did time go. I ask myself this question every day, where are my babies? Where did they go? Oh! How I long to chomp on their arms and legs and hold them and never let them go... I'm glad you discovered this sooner that later. I TAKE ALL YOUR HUGS!

  • In reply to Blondie Flowers:

    Oh, my friend ! I know you've enjoyed every single part of your children's life, by being the great friend you are for them. Catch them while they sleep and bite a cheek ;) . I know you can do it. Thanks for your sweet comment and advice... And thanks for taking my hugs !!

  • By so much...so much...not some much. Geez! I hate not being able to edit. :S

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    Dear Sis,
    I am really happy to read you in this new epoch of your life. It is great you are getting to "hear" and live this inner silence and much better you are being able to live all the different parts of our dearest baby´s live. Keep enjoying all these new experiences. I send you also a very big hug.

  • In reply to Angeles Herreramoro:

    Hello runner ! Thanks for your comment ! Yes, I hear that not only for the motherhood, but also for the constant need of being closer to the things that really matter to me. I am the same one, but just turning off the computer, earlier. Hugs and more hugs for you.

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