Tales from the ER. "Uh...we can't fix that."

Until this past Monday, I’d managed to stay out of the ER for anything related to my melanoma diagnosis over three years ago. And what a shame that streak had to end. Because what I learned is that there are some healthcare professionals out there who need a lesson or two in people skills and... Read more »

My perfect day without Melanoma

Welcome to Blogapalooz-hour, Vol. XIV. Tonight we are to write, in an hour, about our perfect day, whether in fantasy or reality. Maybe one day my idea of a perfect day will be reality, but for now it’s pure fantasy. Because I write about cancer. Melanoma specifically. And it isn’t going anywhere any time soon.... Read more »

My old tan is trying to kill me again.

That tan I used to have? It’s trying to kill me again. I’m so hoping that by now you know that melanoma is no joke. I was diagnosed Stage IIIb in July, 2011 and in November, 2012 progressed to Stage IV. There is no Stage V. Recent scans were not kind. I have a new brain tumor... Read more »

Can you handle the truth about Melanoma?

Haven’t written a word about melanoma in a month. I’ve been in a funk. Though I’m doing well physically right now (knock on wood), the emotional realities of melanoma are harsh. Melanoma kills people. Lots of people. Old, young, Black, Hispanic, White…it doesn’t distinguish. And the more I know, the less I want to know.... Read more »

Skin Cancer--Very Real Results of a Very Real Cancer

Skin cancer. Many people hear those words and think it’s no big deal. They just cut it out and you go on with your life, right? Maybe. Maybe not. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. The majority of skin cancer cases are Basal Cell carcinoma. It has an extremely low risk of... Read more »

Melanoma Takes a Life...Every Hour of Every Day

Actually, it’s every 57 minutes; and that number is going down. Why? Because while the incidence of many types of cancers is going down, the incidence of skin cancers, including melanoma, is going up.  And now, for the first time in the 143 year history of the office, the United States Surgeon General is speaking... Read more »

10 Things you NEED to Know About Melanoma

Three years ago today I began a journey that would change my life, and the lives of my family–forever. It was three years ago that I learned that the mole on my back was melanoma. Three days later I was meeting a surgeon, and two days after that I was in surgery. He removed the... Read more »

Love and Support on the Melanoma Road

One of my fave kids ever!
The trouble with the least common “skin” cancer, melanoma, is that it causes by FAR the most deaths. BIG problem. Especially since it seems like there are SO many people who still don’t understand the dangers of tanning beds, or unprotected sun exposure. There is much that the melanoma community is doing to raise awareness.... Read more »

There goes Melanoma Awareness Month....

May, 2014 is in the books. Melanoma awareness month has come and gone again. I’ll be honest, I’d rather forget this May happened. Well, almost. Because there was a LOT of good this month. My melahomies did an AMAZING job of spreading the word about this scourge called Melanoma. They went and spoke to kids... Read more »

That sunburn? It CAN kill you.

Spring is FINALLY here in Chi-town, and boy do we deserve a nice one after the Winter we had! The weather Gods are cooperating and providing us with no shortage of sunshine and warmth this weekend.  I’m sure you’re all just as happy about that as I am.  BUT, that big beautiful blue sky abundant... Read more »