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Melanoma really isn't "just" skin cancer

I have a lot on my mind this last day of Melanoma Awareness Month for 2015. Foremost on my mind is that I’ve got a new brain metastasis (damn melanoma), and am having my fourth craniotomy  this coming Wednesday. This will be my ninth melanoma-related surgery since I was diagnosed in 2011 and, as I said,... Read more »

This is Your Brain on Tanning Beds

January, 2015 - grape sized (bottom center of photo)
As I told you guys, I’m facing my third brain surgery in 9 months because I couldn’t manage to keep myself out of tanning beds when I was younger.  I also didn’t use sunscreen when I was outside.  That’s what has earned me yet another go around in the operating room. This tumor has cost... Read more »

Melanoma in my heart? &*($@#%!!!!!!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat in a chair this week or lay in a bed…hospital or my own…and been incredibly grateful to feel my heart beat in my chest. Nor can I even count the number of times I’ve put my hand over my heart and just left it there to... Read more »

My perfect day without Melanoma

Welcome to Blogapalooz-hour, Vol. XIV. Tonight we are to write, in an hour, about our perfect day, whether in fantasy or reality. Maybe one day my idea of a perfect day will be reality, but for now it’s pure fantasy. Because I write about cancer. Melanoma specifically. And it isn’t going anywhere any time soon.... Read more »

That sunburn? It CAN kill you.

Spring is FINALLY here in Chi-town, and boy do we deserve a nice one after the Winter we had! The weather Gods are cooperating and providing us with no shortage of sunshine and warmth this weekend.  I’m sure you’re all just as happy about that as I am.  BUT, that big beautiful blue sky abundant... Read more »