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Remembering Donna Jeanne

On the hard days I try to think of a happier time. I’ll retreat into a goofy memory or talk about one of her favorite things. I like to remember her out loud. I’m not sure I ever spoke of her as much as I do now, or maybe I just realize it now that... Read more »

President Carter does NOT have liver cancer

I’m amazed at the way the media will sometimes jump on a story without getting the facts straight. At least NBC News got it right. President Carter does NOT have liver cancer. President Carter does NOT have brain cancer. What he DOES have is melanoma. You know…that cancer that so many people think is “just skin... Read more »

How would you feel if you lost your independence?

I lost mine on February 10th when I found out, after I caused a car accident, that swelling in my brain from my stupid cancer had wiped out big chunks of my peripheral vision. No driving the doctors (and the law) said. I don’t think I ever thought about my peripheral vision until it was... Read more »

What melanoma took from me this month

I’m betting that many of you have seen this picture. It’s a great reminder of what cancer really CANNOT do. But as I learned earlier this month, there are times as a cancer patient that we’re not in control.  Melanoma sucks. We all know it. And right up until the moment that my newest grand... Read more »

Melanoma really isn't "just" skin cancer

I have a lot on my mind this last day of Melanoma Awareness Month for 2015. Foremost on my mind is that I’ve got a new brain metastasis (damn melanoma), and am having my fourth craniotomy  this coming Wednesday. This will be my ninth melanoma-related surgery since I was diagnosed in 2011 and, as I said,... Read more »

Does this look like fun? Keep using those tanning beds.

I used to think tanning was fun. It warmed me up and relaxed me; and that was especially nice in…say…January. What I didn’t know was that tanning beds would eventually land me here, in this picture. This was taken about an hour after I arrived in ICU following 6 hours in the operating room for... Read more »

Joey from the block knows Melanoma

The week before last I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite people in the world, Susan Visch-Hayes. Susan lost her daughter, Jillian, to melanoma when Jillian was just 23 years old, but she hasn’t stopped trying to educate people about melanoma and how to prevent it. Susan had a new billboard designed... Read more »

Guest Blog...I'm walking on sunshine and it doesn't feel good

Have to apologize for the lack of info on my page and my blog this month. This month of ALL months…Melanoma Awareness Month. I’ve kind of been down in the dumps, but that’s really no excuse. Second half of the month will be better! I’m starting with a guest blog from a fellow ChicagoNow blogger.... Read more »

He's stopping tanning salons that lie: Why the Attorney General of New York is my new BFF

Make no mistake. The indoor tanning industry is out to make money, and many businesses don’t care if you die in the process from the melanoma you may get from using their tanning beds. Tanning beds that have been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a working group of the World Health... Read more »

May is Melanoma awareness month

It’s the first day of a most important month in the melanoma community. Many of us will spend the next 31 days running our mouths (and keyboards) at full speed to do whatever we can to educate and keep YOU off of melanoma road.  It’s a road you don’t want to be on.  Trust me.... Read more »