May is Melanoma awareness month

It’s the first day of a most important month in the melanoma community. Many of us will spend the next 31 days running our mouths (and keyboards) at full speed to do whatever we can to educate and keep YOU off of melanoma road.  It’s a road you don’t want to be on.  Trust me.

So, let’s start with a monthly skin check. It’s very important that you do it. After all, your dermatologist visit (and I really hope you’re seeing one), is only once a year. So you’ve GOT to check yourself every month. So #getnaked with a partner and check out each other’s skin for anything new or changing. It’s easy and, ahem, could be fun, you know? Here’s how to do it. EVERY MONTH.

You’ll be hearing a lot from me this month. Coming up next is why the Attorney General of New York is my new best friend. In the meantime, #getnaked and check your skin!







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