Guest Blog...I'm walking on sunshine and it doesn't feel good

Have to apologize for the lack of info on my page and my blog this month. This month of ALL months…Melanoma Awareness Month. I’ve kind of been down in the dumps, but that’s really no excuse. Second half of the month will be better!

I’m starting with a guest blog from a fellow ChicagoNow blogger. Howard Moore writes”I’ve Got the Hippy Shakes,” and recently had it out with a Melanoma he found on his back. Here’s his blog.  Have a great day all!

I spent the entire month of February vacationing in Los Angeles. Getting out of Chicago during the winter is a good thing. So Cal in February is a great thing. Warm weather, sunshine, The Pacific Ocean. Can’t beat that!

After a couple of days there I took a picture with my daughter. She looked great. I looked tired, pale and worn out. Two days later that changed.

The next day I headed to the Santa Monica Pier. I found a chair and sat for an hour. I listened to some music, watched the tasty waves and soaked up some sun. Very Spicoli-ish, very peaceful.

The following day my daughter and I headed to San Diego to meet up with family. It was a beautiful day. We spent a few hours outside watching my niece play softball.

I didn’t use sunscreen or wear a hat either day. This is what I look like afterwards.

I didn’t know it then but I was healthier looking pale and tired.

Here’s a Did You Know…even if you tan instead of burn, you’re still putting yourself at risk. You’re changing the molecular makeup of your skin and that increases your chances of getting Melanoma.

Why do I know all this? Why am I concerned? Because exactly one week after the trip to San Diego, I found a gnarly mole on my back. MELANOMA!

I was lucky it less than Stage One. I was unlucky that it did require surgery. One month after removal, I’m still having discomfort from that surgery.

So what’s the point of this exercise? It’s to raise Awareness and give people a few tips so it doesn’t happen to you.

It’s really simple…Use sunscreen, wear hats, check your body for moles, and see a dermatologist regularly.

MELANOMA IS CANCER!!! Even at less than Stage One let me repeat that…MELANOMA IS CANCER!!!

Why put yourself through it when it’s avoidable? Why?!
–Howard Moore

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