This is Your Brain on Tanning Beds

As I told you guys, I’m facing my third brain surgery in 9 months because I couldn’t manage to keep myself out of tanning beds when I was younger.  I also didn’t use sunscreen when I was outside.  That’s what has earned me yet another go around in the operating room. This tumor has cost me a lot already, and may cost me my peripheral vision permanently. We won’t know until it’s removed and my brain has a chance to heal and calm down.

This tumor has been around for a couple of years now. Last year they decided it wasn’t a benign meningioma and that it was likely melanoma. We did stereotactic radio surgery (one gigantic dose of radiation) two days before my open heart surgery last November. It was behaving (as in acting like it was dying) for a while, but it sure isn’t now. Here’s how the tumor has changed in ONE short month.

So, again, I beg you.  PLEASE wear sunscreen every single day, sunny or not. PLEASE also protect your skin in other ways, like UPF clothing. It’s worth every penny. PLEASE wear sunglasses. Good ones. You CAN get melanoma in your eyes. PLEASE wear a hat, not a visor. Visors leave the top of your head unprotected.

PLEASE don’t walk down melanoma road. Trust me when I tell you it’s no walk in the park.

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