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What does melanoma look like?

The pictures are not pretty, and many are not similar, hence the sneaky nature of melanoma. But they’re all melanoma. And to be honest, I hope they scare you into taking this “skin cancer” seriously. Far too many people don’t. As you can see, in spite of the fact that the melanoma community calls melanoma... Read more »

This is Your Brain on Tanning Beds

January, 2015 - grape sized (bottom center of photo)
As I told you guys, I’m facing my third brain surgery in 9 months because I couldn’t manage to keep myself out of tanning beds when I was younger.  I also didn’t use sunscreen when I was outside.  That’s what has earned me yet another go around in the operating room. This tumor has cost... Read more »

Free Killer Tan

There’s a great (in my opinion) melanoma PSA going around, sponsored by Mollie’s Fund. Mollie was a college sophomore when she died at the age of 20 from skin cancer. Died from skin cancer. You know, that cancer everyone thinks you just cut out and go on with your life? I would love it if... Read more »

August 21, 1983...the day my life changed forever

Each week ChicagoNow bloggers are given a “This Blogger Life” theme we can write about if we choose. This week is “and that’s the day my life changed.” And today I’m jumping at the chance to write about anything BUT cancer. It’s my favorite day of the year. August 21st. The anniversary of the day... Read more »

Facing 3rd brain surgery in 9 months. Still want to hop into that tanning bed?

My melanoma diagnosis came in July of 2011, but in April of 2013 things got a whole lot more serious. The stinking melanoma had spread to my brain. Temporal lobe. Just above my right ear. I didn’t want to have my head cut open. I was scared to death. So after much thought, we decided... Read more »