August 21, 1983...the day my life changed forever

Each week ChicagoNow bloggers are given a “This Blogger Life” theme we can write about if we choose. This week is “and that’s the day my life changed.” And today I’m jumping at the chance to write about anything BUT cancer.

It’s my favorite day of the year. August 21st. The anniversary of the day I “re-met” the man who would become my husband.  I didn’t want to go out with my friend Vicki that night. She made me. Said I needed to “get out there.” We went to Dillingers, a little club in Waukegan, right down the street from the high school where he and I met our senior year. And…there…he…was. In a tux no less. Oh, my. Four years had gone by, but I remembered him instantly. Thank God he remembered me too. We danced the night away and went on our first date the next day. My heart has been his ever since.

But I dishonored my daughter, and for that I still haven’t forgiven myself. I was afraid this man I had instantly fallen in love with would not stick around for the “package deal.” I was a young, single mom who wasn’t ready. I didn’t even have the guts to tell him about her at first.

Then one night as he brought me home, my little one was crying. He heard her. He asked who it was that was crying. I told him. Didn’t think I’d ever see him again. But you know what he did? He went in the house and got her out of her crib. She smiled at him. My 16 month old beautiful baby. He changed her diaper and got her a bottle, and put her back to bed as though he were her daddy. And then he lectured the hell out of me, and I deserved every word. And he stuck around. Thank God.

He saved me from myself, you know. He turned me around. Taught me more about family and love than I’d ever known. He would do anything for our family. He’s a rockstar, plain and simple. This December will be our 30th wedding anniversary. But August 21st is the 32nd anniversary of my favorite day ever, the day my life changed forever.

I love you dude, more than you will ever know. And I know that I am the luckiest woman in the world to have you by my side.

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