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That sunburn? It CAN kill you.

Spring is FINALLY here in Chi-town, and boy do we deserve a nice one after the Winter we had! The weather Gods are cooperating and providing us with no shortage of sunshine and warmth this weekend.  I’m sure you’re all just as happy about that as I am.  BUT, that big beautiful blue sky abundant... Read more »

Guy Fieri's sister's death...from melanoma

I’m laying in bed and trying hard to sleep, and I just can’t. My family has had a long week. My brain surgery because of melanoma this past Tuesday wasn’t on anyone’s bucket list, guaranteed. As is my norm sometimes when I can’t sleep, I scroll through posts from my melahomies, amazing folks who are... Read more »

It's May, but more importantly, it's Melanoma Awareness Month!

It’s the first of the month! That day that I remind everyone to check their skin for anything new or changing. But this time, it’s MAY 1st, and May is Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness month. OUR 31 days! No pink, no orange, no blue…JUST BLACK. I’m really loving Melanoma Research Foundation’s Get Naked Campaign,... Read more »