Melanoma patient has airlines miles...will travel!

The first trip to LA is in the books.

Our time in LA was wildly successful. Fabulous as a wife and BFF of the best guy in the world, because we really needed a getaway, but even more so as a Melanoma patient who has been in wait and watch mode for FAR too long. A week from Friday I should receive my first infusion of a drug that has shown a huge amount of promise for those fighting this beast. That’s not to say that I won’t have to worry about this beast of a cancer anymore. I could be one of those people for whom the drug does not work. But I can’t think about that. Positive is my MO. It’s what keeps me sane, and honestly is so much easier than being negative.

Dr. “H” and his staff were warm and welcoming. I felt like I mattered…to everyone from this phenomenal physician to the young man who drew blood for my lab work. I had a great conversation with the kid about music. It’s always SO gratifying for a baby boomer when a young person loves classic rock as much as you do.

Jim and I got a few days to ourselves, which we made good use of. We walked the beach, we talked, and even did a little shopping! This is big. He HATES shopping.

But best of all, I am an ACTIVE patient again. No more wait and watch for this girl.

There is no guarantee that this drug will work for me. Nothing that says it won’t come back, or that the “martian” in brain (as my friend, Bianca, calls my tumor) won’t try to start doing its thing again. But I’ll take the chance. It’s much better than sitting around waiting for my next metastasis to pop up, and then have to deal with it reactively.

So cheers my friends! ┬áHere’s to treatment!!!

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