Pinktober is here. Again.

Pinktober is back. Ugh. There’s pink everywhere, as if you didn’t know already.  There are pink NFL jerseys, and the players have pink on their shoes.  Hell, even the coin they use to flip at the beginning of the game is pink.  The cheerleaders are in pink.  The security staff is wearing pink shirts. The “nice cars” in Nascar have gone pink.  Everybody and their brother is wearing pink something.

Big sigh.  Truth be told, I’m actually envious of the “pink” cancer people. See, the awareness color for my cancer is black.  And I don’t see anyone wearing black ribbons (or anything else) in May during skin cancer and melanoma awareness month.  The only people wearing black in May are melanoma warriors.  My buddies and me and our friends and family.  We don’t get the whole world wearing black to support Melanoma. And that’s hard to take.

Please…understand.  I have nothing against raising awareness for breast cancer, or raising money for research. I’m all for it. It’s a horrible disease that’s hit pretty close to home, especially recently.  I have friends and family who have had breast cancer or are still battling.  It’s awful.  To make matters worse, it’s also a kissing cousin of melanoma. Studies have shown that if you have one you’re more likely to get the other. There’s a great reason to show some love to the folks doing research to find a cure for melanoma. I have nothing against companies supporting breast cancer research and awareness.  Take the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  They donate 91 cents of every dollar. But the problem is that many of these corporations are making big bucks with all of this pink stuff. The NFL donates a paltry 5% of the millions they’re probably making. That’s pathetic. Completely pathetic. Donate it all!  StupidCancer posted Pink Nausea on Facebook today, and I just have to share. I think it makes my point. Most of these companies are not into Pinktober in order to raise awareness or money for research. They’re in it to make a buck, and that just plain sucks. Here are some really stupid things people have made pink for profit:

I’ve also had my own scares with breast biopsies, so because of that and because melanoma and breast cancer are kissing cousins, I want to help. I’m even sporting a little pink hair extension.  But only because every penny of the $10 I spent on it is donated back for research.

A friend shared with me what happened at the beginning of the Kansas City Chiefs game.  Here’s the video in all it’s non-glory (assuming you can get through the 30 second commercial at the front end).  Forty-nine…yes 49 planes flew over Arrowhead Stadium spewing pink smoke. I watch that video, and I just have to wonder — How many mammograms that would have paid for???


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