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Help? Gulp...yes, please.

We humans are proud creatures. At least I am. Somewhere in the course of this sometimes crazy life of mine, I decided I could handle just about anything–all by myself.  I could carry 3 bags of groceries and a kid in each arm and manage to get from the car to the house without dropping... Read more »

Online Support Group...real friends? Yes!

One of the best things things that happened to me after I was diagnosed with Melanoma in July, 2011 was that I was referred to a dermatologist in a swanky suburb of Chicago. That wasn’t the good part. She was awful. Far more interested in selling me products than making sure I got a good,... Read more »

Pinktober is here. Again.

Pinktober is back. Ugh. There’s pink everywhere, as if you didn’t know already.  There are pink NFL jerseys, and the players have pink on their shoes.  Hell, even the coin they use to flip at the beginning of the game is pink.  The cheerleaders are in pink.  The security staff is wearing pink shirts. The “nice... Read more »

Five reasons to wear sunscreen...NOW

Yeah…I know what you’re thinking.  It’s October for Pete’s sake!!!  Quit nagging me.  Sorry.  No can do.  You still need to wear sunscreen…every day!  Here are five great reasons to wear sunscreen. Reason #5 You know those UV rays the sun emits?  And I hate to point out the obvious, but that doesn’t stop after... Read more »

Phew...what a day!

Cancer patients tend to live in 3 or 4 month increments, because that’s how often many of us have scans.  Scans that tell us whether our cancer has advanced or regressed, or just isn’t there.  I had such a scan this morning, a PET scan.  They’re the best at seeing metastatic melanoma my oncologist tells... Read more »