About This Blog Project

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In 2004, a 90-year-old Frenchman named Paul Fossat entered my world through an online game site called It's Your Turn. Paul and my husband, Steve, had been playing chess online long before I was drawn into their friendship. Although he died in 2009, Paul continues to have a profound impact on my life. In a blog titled Le Colonel and Me (http://lecolonelandme.wordpress.com), I am remembering our unique friendship.

But I wanted to do something more. Something that celebrated Paul's legacy of curiosity and wonder about the world. That is the reason for this blog. The goal here is to reach out, through the internet, to one person in every country of the world. A total of  257 different countries and island nations.

Free of political judgements, religious rhetoric, and self-serving agendas, my intention is to better understand the world. Who better to help me to do than the people who reside in each distinctive place that comprises it. I think Paul would agree.

My objective is simple: to listen and learn.

To talk to the world.

Email me at vasilionlaura@gmail.com. 

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