Do it Tonight, Cubs, for Chicago and Steve Goodman!

Do it Tonight, Cubs, for Chicago and Steve Goodman!
Steve Goodman

It’s almost time for Game 7 of the World Series and there’s only one thing I want to say: Do it, Cubs!

Do it for me, and my son, and my husband. Do it so I can share in their joy.

Do it for Chicago. Do it to help unite a city known too much for violence and corruption. Do it to give this spirited, magnificent city the hope it longs for.

Do it to prove that curses can be broken and dreams can come true. Do it for a country that needs a night free of bullying and hatred and bitterness.

Do it for the sheer joy that it will bring. Do it for little boys skipping school. Do it for grandfathers and fathers and sons. Do it for grandmothers and mothers and daughters. Do it for the ones who can’t be there.

Do it for Bill Murray and Harry Carey.

Most of all, do it for Steve Goodman, a guy who stuck by you even when you broke his heart. Even when he was dying. A little guy with a squeaky voice and a big heart. A guy who went on to write the only song we want to hear tonight.

You’ll always be loved for getting us close. For giving us something euphoric to focus on. But tonight, I’m praying along with thousands of other Cubs fans, that you simply do it.

As Steve would say, “Go Cubs Go!”


Post game lake and river cruise with my son

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