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Awkward Time of Year: CALL TO VOTE!

A short segment on NBC News struck me plainly and sadly. Correspondent Jacob Soboroff (Jacob’s Twitter) talked to California voters, particularly young ones, about the prospect of voting. The entire segment, in my opinion, was a bit of a shock. Watch here: California Mid-Terms Report What struck me most about this was the display of apathy... Read more »

Awkward on Memorial Day - A Reflection

Another year, another Memorial Day in the United States of America. Every year the holiday approaches with only a few reminders to my daily life – the weather is a bit warmer, and there’s a three-day weekend. Huzzah! But I wake up on Memorial Day Monday to a tsunami of American flag pictures, service men... Read more »

Insultful Ode to 45

I got to thinking – “when was the last time I posted?” For all the inquisitive folks out there demanding for an answer: November 9, 2016 – the day after the presidential election. My usual 8 weeks – 9 months hiatus lasted a bit longer I suppose because it has taken quite a bit of effort to lift... Read more »

America's awkward state of affairs

July 4th, our Independence Day, passed.  Our nostalgic selves aimed our eyes upward as the crackling of a million fireworks lit up the American skies this past week.  We wore our red, our white and our blue as a tribute to American flag and our nation.  For the 15 minutes of fireworks, we probably forgot... Read more »