Insultful Ode to 45

I got to thinking – “when was the last time I posted?” For all the inquisitive folks out there demanding for an answer: November 9, 2016 – the day after the presidential election. My usual 8 weeks – 9 months hiatus lasted a bit longer I suppose because it has taken quite a bit of effort to lift... Read more »

President Trump's United States of Awkward

You can’t just do THAT. Despite your political allegiance, a system (that U.S. Constitution thing) was ratified 228 years ago to protect us from certain oppressions, tyrannies, obstruction, political swings, and underrepresentation, ensuring unalienable rights and the flexibility to fix in the light of human and cultural progress (those are called Amendments). Needless to say,... Read more »

Awkward Word Vomit - Political Edition

Welcome to another (or new) edition of Awkward Word Vomit. This is basically a stream of consciousness blog written under the heavy influence of some substance that may or may not be illegal. I’d rather you not ask nor would I like you to investigate the causation of the following ramblings. So, I’ve decided to... Read more »

The Lost Art of Reading

On a plane ride from Portland, OR to Chicago yesterday afternoon, I had conducted myself in a manner I haven’t in ages, if ever. At PDX (that’s fancy airliner code for Portland’s international airport), I purchased a book – Gumption: Relighting the Torch of Freedom with America’s Gutsiest Troublemakers by Nick Offerman of Parks & Recreation fame... Read more »

A Truly Novel Effort at Awkwardness

I wrote a book. A novel, in fact. 65,000 of the best words I had in me. One would think (given my history on this blog) I simply regurgitated those words in arbitrary fashion onto the page like a drunken frat fool, but I promise that wasn’t the case. Truth is – I poured heart... Read more »

Aaron Kromer's Awkward Apology - A Parody Tale

The Bears offense waited in the meeting room impatiently as Aaron Kromer, Offensive Coordinator for the Chicago Bears, asked them to convene for five minutes, apparently in a very sobering manner. When their offensive leader entered the room, he’d looked like his grandmother just passed, or his favorite Golden Girl suffered a heart attack (pick... Read more »

Active Awkward Mind - Quick Hits 1

Life supplies plenty of moments to stop and ask questions, or perhaps make a statement. Why this or why that? How this or how that? Here, since you’ve asked, are mine: –  Why isn’t a universal rule to wait until the entire elevator cab has dispensed its occupants prior to entry? – Do doctors get... Read more »

Dynamite Drop In, Al

Al Sharpton is perpetuating a problem, and he doesn’t give a damn. If you could indulge me and watch this short video: What the hell is he talking about? After watching that video, I’m sure you’re asking yourself the same question I asked, “what the hell is he talking about?” This blabbering non-sense from a... Read more »

Misguided Passion Starts Fires - A Ferguson Reflection

“It is not who is right, but what is right, that is of importance.” – Thomas Huxley I have this quote on a post-it, hovering at my desk, just above my computer screen. I don’t read it everyday, and I’m not about to engage in a sanctimonious diatribe pointed at Ferguson Extremists and insane rioters/protestors... Read more »

School Refusal (awkward) Disorder - WHAT??

For reference: I came across an ad for school refusal and did more research to make sure I wasn’t taking crazy pills this morning in lieu of coffee and a muffin… A child can suffer from school refusal. There isn’t much explanation for this “disorder.” It’s a self-explanatory “condition” whereas a child will suffer... Read more »