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The Creator Studio Podcast

The Creator Studio Podcast

Why does the sound of our voice make us cringe?

…How about: Ever catch two mirrors converging and you see your ACTUAL face, only to look at yourself like you’ve been hit with a shovel… (maybe just me)

Back to the sound of our voice. When we play it back on a recording of a video or voice note, we think, “That’s not me! That’s some cyborg impersonating me!” It’s an awkward feeling. You aren’t prepared to hear such bizarre vocal cords reverberating what you KNOW you said, but is miles away from how the voice sounded in your head?

Well, try podcasting. I embarked on a podcasting odyssey last December that I did not expect.


Far too often, since post-puberty, have I heard from a friend or stranger oddly comfortable with me say, “You know, you should be on the radio.” You could imagine my heartfelt thanks to such a compliment. But then my cynical, crotchety side thought: that’s not as good as “You’re just so beautiful, you should model.” or “Wow, you are so athletic!” Those are more “exterior” talents to which I do not apply. No, no. My talent is performing in a dark booth as a witty troglodyte behind a microphone with a throaty croak that purrs your ear drum.

And to each person I said, “Well, my dad always said I had a face for radio,” which was met with awkward laughter.

Fast forward to now. I am well-versing myself in all things podcast. Starting as an off-hand suggestion by my friend Jeff, the activity has turned into a small podcasting enterprise, much to our surprise.


Many folks say they have started or want to start a podcast. I would know. I’m one of them. By no means am I an expert, but the slow slog through podcast gestation — starting with nothing but an idea — humbles you. Let me just say: if you want to start a podcast, read a lot first. Don’t be an idiot like me and just “start” without a plan of any sort.

(NOTE: I’m not here to give you tips, because I don’t have the know-how or authority.)

That said, both Jeff and I have extensive media production experience. We organized our equipment, invested in more, and readied our brains.

So, December 5th 2018, Jeff & Dave Podcast was born. We decided to be a podcast focused on creativity and the creative process. Turn on the mics!

But after our first episode, BY GOD, I loathed the sound of my voice. A million self-critiques flooded my brain…

You talk too much. Why do you say “writer” like that? Why am I mumbling? Ask a question for crying out loud. Okay, we need guests because listening to me is painful. That voice sounds like it was manufactured at the Bad Radio Broadcasters Facility (not a real place).

Then the episodes went on with guests across the country — from LA to Atlanta to Chicago to New York. We have spoken to Emmy Award and Tony Award winners, delved deep into the past, covered creative journeys and philosophies, and learned about ourselves.

…Still I barely could listen to myself utter a word without wanting to blast the tone, word choice, or annunciation…

Thankfully, interesting opportunities presented themselves: people wanted us to produce and engineer podcasts. Yay! I don’t have to listen to MY VOICE anymore!


Like any creative endeavor, you have to find your groove. And part of the finding a groove is MAKING that groove after learning.

We read more and more on podcasting. Terraformed our groove to fit our strengths. Invested in more equipment. Streamlined the process. Build efficiencies. We are now a value to ourselves as a podcast, and producers.

…wait a minute, we are decent at this!

And so the journey continues. From an idea, like a seed, we planted it into the ground and learned a bit on the fly with a foundation of production cadence and general knowledge.

After it all, we are much wiser.

With wisdom comes understanding, like the title Jeff & Dave Podcast means nothing to people. So we rebranded to The Creator Studio Podcast — a bit more in line with the content.

I just pray to the Mystical Podcast Spirits that my voice becomes more tolerable. As for the mirror, I’m stuck with shovel face.


If you’re interested in listening to our fun podcast about creativity and creative pursuits, here is more information:

The Creator Studio Podcast —

Also available on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher. Type in “The Creator Studio Podcast” and find our logo.

And for my Beyond the Backlot film locations project, visit to see our videos. We visit Jurassic Park (1993) filming locations in Hawaii!

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