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Awkward rant

I like to act how I want to act. I like to speak how I want to speak. I like the way I go about my life. You know what I don’t like?  Being told how to act, speak, be…Can’t I just…be? When do you feel most awkward?  When you speak up.  Do something out of... Read more »

Gym: The epicenter of awkward

Why does a guy feel comfortable striking up a conversation in the locker room at the gym?  Does he know I couldn’t care less of his work or kids?  Can’t I just get a little private time in my infinitely hectic life?  After all, we’re trying to release our stress at the gym, right?  Recently visiting... Read more »

Facebook? More like Awkwardbook. Am I right??

The phrase, “Facebook me”, dominated collegiate vernacular in the late 2000s, changing social standards forever (or for as long as Facebook will exist – I’m not predicting a doomsday for the social juggernaut.  Take it easy, Team Zuckerberg).  I would be wasting everyone’s time by detailing the uses of the website and its influences on today’s... Read more »