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Spielberg Has Choice Of T's -- Hanks, Cruise, or Trump

“Democracy arose from men’s thinking if they are equal in any respect, they are equal in all respects.” Aristotle wrote that warning more than 2500 years ago. Slowly we are witnessing its consequences here in 2018. If Spielberg casts his next political thriller, he can cast Tom Hanks  emblematic of the reasoned citizen [aka, all... Read more »

In 92 Dangerously Succinct Words ~ The Mask Is Torn Off Trump's Evil Deep State

Dan Brown is working on another book about the fabled Illuminati….often known as The Establishment, Deep State, or Fake News sources….here’s an easier way to understand this monstrous threat….it was when Mom taught you not to lie, Dad told you honor your word, Pastor & Rabbi said truth will set you free, Coach urged not... Read more »

What's That...? I Can't Quite Hear You

  The child of the Greatest Generation was speaking with the child of the Boomer Generation…She was saying: “I feel sorry for you, Grandpa.” “Why is that?” he answered..”Because when you grew up you had so little.” “Why do you say that?” She looked into his eyes: “Because you had none of the great stuff... Read more »

You Can Forget "Dunkirk"; But Not "The Post"

  “The Post” Is A Winner; “Dunkirk” Isn’t ~ You may not realize this until next Fourth of July….let me defend that argument ….as films, both are brilliantly presented….as history, however, “Dunkirk” fails in a way all too common in our angrily divided land….”Dunkirk” keeps such a tight lens on the drama of this 1940... Read more »

Until You Understand This, You're Stuck Before You Start

‎ How many times do we grouse, “You don’t understand what I meant”….the transfer-of-meaning is the bottom line for everything we write or speak….but there’s a problem right from the get-go….altho there are about 600,000 words in the English language,we use only about 2000 in daily use….and of the 500 most frequently used there are... Read more »

Lights! Camera! But Please No Action....

  Progress is a wonderful thing. And yet like everything else, it doesn’t walk a straight line. On its way from A to Z there are a great many letters you didn’t expect to find in the alphabet of time. Take photography. It was developed in the 19th C…progressed to moving pictures in the 20th…but... Read more »

Everybody Prays At Least Once In Their Life

….they pray for a miracle. All right, I perfectly understand how the idea is trampled by our neurological attack-dogs and triumphed by our true-believers. However, I propose we leave behind the battle-over-evidence inasmuch as the evidence on each side is equally irrefutable. One is using science, the other faith; the evidentiary twain rarely if ever... Read more »

Not Much In Life Is Sure ~ This Is

When Christmas fades into New Year’s Day, this is what Chicago will look like about 6AM…. ready to start on a new gift package of 365 day called Hope 1 Share

Resenting What Happens To Our Friend Ebeneezer Every Christmas

To resent Christmas sounds unseemly and untimely. And yet some of us do every year. It has to do with how a year of sweaty thinking and reasoning gets blotted up so quickly in December’s annual sop of feeling and intuiting. For eleven serious months, there are all those  New York Times editorials, CNN reportage, academic... Read more »

When Is A Corrupt Cop Better Than A Constitutional Lawyer..??

The answer to this question should be easy, but it’s not. That’s because you can probably mount an equally good argument for each. Except, that is, in the middle of a gang infested neighborhood late at night in one of Chicago’s ghettos. You know, the ones the French Government recently advised its citizens traveling to... Read more »