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What If The Birds Leave, But Never Come Back?

I’m sure you’ll understand. It’s all part of the delicious rhythms of my morning routine. Turn on my coffee maker, slip into my least ratty looking bathrobe, and venture forth onto my driveway for the papers. [Yes, papers, for even with all the flashy screens and scrolls at my disposal, my generation has an emotional... Read more »

So You Like Your America Rare Or Well Done...?

Do you like your steak rare or well-done….? If you’re a meat-eater that’s easy. If you’re a culture-watcher, that’s trickier. You will probably say a happy-medium; but America’s history shows you won’t mean it. I’m talking about how America’s culture tends, like a pendulum, to swing from one extreme to the other. Culture as in... Read more »

Riding The Rapids To Heaven Or Hell

When the Ancient Greeks advised “you can never step into the same river twice,” they were dramatizing the reality of unending change…when the torrents carry you toward observable conclusions, the smart boatman doesn’t close his eyes…. he struggles to adapt to them now before they destroy him later….among our “observable conclusions” are the inexorable growth in the... Read more »

I'm Sending This To The Oval Office Immediately After My Nap

The first battle of Charlottesville in 1864 was between the North and the South. The second battle of Charlottesville in 2017 was between the Right and the Left. The President said, “there were good people on both sides.” Many disagree. So how does a Democracy admit there are differences even while saying all sides are... Read more »

Growing Older. Who Me?

  The only sure sign of life in the cosmos is change. And change, my friend, means aging. No matter your gender, your race, your nationality, your party, you and I are inexorably aging with each inexorable tick of the clock. When you think about it, it seems better than the alternative However, lets re-consider... Read more »

Will The Trib Run This Now That They're Running Out Of Tribune Tower?

I’m disappointed in the Tribune. It remains a quality newspaper staffed by quality reporters, but founder Colonel McCormick must twist in his 1st amendment grave when he watches how you have relinquished the Washington beat to the “Times” and the “Post”. In McCormick’s day he never let local news marginalize national news coverage when it impacted us locally.... Read more »

This Train Doesn't Stop....And You're On It

  May I tell you a little story…? Stick with me for three minutes, because it could help connect all the dots of crisis, crashes and confusion. Bill was riding his usual morning commuter train. But on this particular day he sensed the train traveling faster than usual. It even started rattling on the tracks.... Read more »

From Eden To Eternity And Those Who Would Alter The Trip

  Almost every civilization has an Eden narrative. They also share similar kinds of Eternity narratives. However, ours is the first civilization to possess so many tools by which we believe we can actually alter our narrative. For instance, America now has more tools that can connect us to the Internet than it has people... Read more »

When You Say "It's Complicated," Here's Why

When people say “It’s complicated,” it’s really not….we keep getting into these situations with three simple steps….first we don’t really listen, second we don’t really think, third we don’t know what the hell is really going on…..see? simple!

Penny For Your Thoughts ~ Dollar For Your Dreams

  We all dream. Every night. Some are Hollywood dreams about being rich and famous. Others are Dorothy Gale dreams about being over the rainbow. Still others border on the nightmarish. After we’re awake some of us still keep dreaming as in the case of the $60 billion spent each year on state lotteries. Now... Read more »