The One Phone Apple Couldn't Patent & Never Will


Oh they tried…. with all their money and might…but the one that got away was simply too intricate, powerful, and user-friendly for the boys at Silicon Valley to replicate let alone operate….infinitesimally compact, functioning in full three dimensional sound & color, this camera comes without cost to its owners

….and it turns out its owners are approximately 7 billion more users than Apple can ever hope to reach…it is the Human Memory…an unrelenting 24/7 instrument of the mind which has been taking brilliant candids from our first butt-slap to this very moment…oh and the snapshots it has taken and recorded number in the tens of billions…from doting parents, to school yard bullies, to first moonlight kisses, to wedding marches in April, to bungled job interview, to awards dinners, to pressing hands over hospital beds

The Human Memory, snapping and recording everything everywhere everytime, is perhaps the ultimate complexity to our being, for it never stops recording us…when you think about it, it is us and we are it…the sum and substance of our life is being captured and enthroned as we live it…later…? aye there’s the rub, because many of us dare not replay its testament to our history of flaws and failures…on the other and better hand, it is forever at the ready to remind us just how lucky we’ve been to have gotten this far

Sorry, Apple, you’re out of the running!

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