You Can Forget "Dunkirk"; But Not "The Post"


“The Post” Is A Winner; “Dunkirk” Isn’t ~ You may not realize this until next Fourth of July….let me defend that argument ….as films, both are brilliantly presented….as history, however, “Dunkirk” fails in a way all too common in our angrily divided land….”Dunkirk” keeps such a tight lens on the drama of this 1940 British disaster, you almost miss the larger significance of the battle in the overall scheme of Hitler’s perilous threat to our Civilization….”The Post” however makes sure we realize this single event is part of a much larger threat to our Civilization….to clinch the argument, watch our 2018 Fourth of July celebrations where we are stirringly reminded of the larger themes that bind our diverse country together…. a common sense of freedom, of justice, of neighbors, of neighborhoods, of flags and families and faith ….”The Post” transforms these glittering ideals into gritty reality….for it begs us to remember we’ve given them oxygen only by taking them seriously no matter how small the challenge….you leave “Dunkirk” with hope; you leave “The Post”with confidence

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