Will The Trib Run This Now That They're Running Out Of Tribune Tower?

I’m disappointed in the Tribune. It remains a quality newspaper staffed by quality reporters, but founder Colonel McCormick must twist in his 1st amendment grave when he watches how you have relinquished the Washington beat to the “Times” and the “Post”.

In McCormick’s day he never let local news marginalize national news coverage when it impacted us locally. He was fierce in his attacks on Roosevelt’s “new deal.” Today he would be equally fierce about Trump’s “old deal.” The old con about a pre-Obama America that is properly WASP, carefully anti-immigrant, sensationally high on employers on low on employees, and wears its military like a sword not a shield.

What would most annoy the Colonel is that only about a third of the country is applauding what’s happening. Lets call it Caesarism. When, as in Ancient Rome, one man gradually turns a constitutional victory into a constitutional dictatorship right before our FOX News eyes.

Were McCormick watching current plans to evacuate his Tribune Tower, he would roar about the excesses of one man who — with only a minority victory and base — is unilaterally altering our immigration, military, regulatory, environmental and diplomatic policies.

I’m only guessing here, but the Colonel was historian enough to also know how Caesarism usually ends. At the crucial moment, the Praetorian Guard in the palace decides: Enough.

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