What's That...? I Can't Quite Hear You


The child of the Greatest Generation was speaking with the child of the Boomer Generation…She was saying: “I feel sorry for you, Grandpa.” “Why is that?” he answered..”Because when you grew up you had so little.” “Why do you say that?” She looked into his eyes: “Because you had none of the great stuff I have.

Like smartphones, tablets and a hundred cable channels anytime I want them” He smiled: “But you can only use them one a time.” “Oh, but look at all the fancy
cars there are.” “You’re right, and yet whichever one you drive still gets you from the same A to B.” She thought about that, then added: “OK, but what about all the thousands of friends I have on Twitter and Facebook. You never knew that many people when you were my age, did you?” “True, but the ones I did know were people I could see and touch and count on.”

She took a long pause. “But you gotta admit I get to know more stuff and faster than ever.” “You got me there, only I wonder. How much of that stuff can you wade through and understand?” That puzzled her. “But isn’t knowing more better than knowing less?” “It is, yet what’s best of all may be knowing what you don’t know, and therefore making fewer dumb mistakes.”

They got back to the swing, each wondering if their two generations — each so close and yet so far — had really heard the other

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