Spielberg Has Choice Of T's -- Hanks, Cruise, or Trump

“Democracy arose from men’s thinking if they are equal in any respect, they are equal in all respects.”

Aristotle wrote that warning more than 2500 years ago. Slowly we are witnessing its consequences here in 2018. If Spielberg casts his next political thriller, he can cast Tom Hanks  emblematic of the reasoned citizen [aka, all round good guy playing good parts]…..or Tom Cruise representative of the action hero [aka, tough guy playing tough roles]….or D. J. Trump personifying the old frontier hustler [aka, eastern banker out West to con the townspeople].

From Aristotle to the Founding Fathers, we always knew the death of any democracy was in its DNA from the get-go. In the repressed townspeople belief I’m-as-good-any-smart-talking-sheriff-or-mayor-or-banker, which occasionally erupted into actual hanging parties and vigilantism.

Then came the rebellion of the 1960s when that belief erupted into mass ridicule and rejection of the old rules and regime. By the 2016 election, eruption had become actuality. Enough angry voters found in Trump their own long-repressed resentment of their “betters” [aka, the Establishment].

The 300 year American Way got kicked off its butt like Humpty Dumpty. Now Spielberg gets a chance to cast the lead role in this melodrama of where we go from here…

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