The Scatological Reason We Will Let Him Win Again


It’s been a raucous year in which Trump lovers and haters alike have bellowed their pet theories. I’m a hater and here’s mine. Even if we can’t admit it, there’s just enough Trumpian alienation hiding inside our post-Eden nature to almost guarantee him another victory.

This alienation is not unique to, simply perfected by, our President. It’s on full display in any White Country Club in the land. You know, where the President has called it “locker room talk.” 

As the bare-bellied boys soak in the steamer, the “talk” comes naturally. Nothing crude; after all, these are the same people who run your companies, see you in church, show up at the local Council meetings. Decent citizens all. And when they kid around about greasy Latinos, ghetto Blacks, government handouts, punk gangs, and cops who should be freed to clean up the streets like they used to — well, it’s just “locker room talk.” 

But when you hear it, or speak it yourself, there’s a point to it. Often conveyed not with words so much as with a medley of rolled eyes, long sighs, or clenched fists. After all, these are the decent taxpaying citizens who make this country work; so they have a right to say it like it is right in here where America is still great.


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