Lights! Camera! But Please No Action....


Progress is a wonderful thing. And yet like everything else, it doesn’t walk a straight line. On its way from A to Z there are a great many letters you didn’t expect to find in the alphabet of time. Take photography. It was developed in the 19th C…progressed to moving pictures in the 20th…but now here in the 21st maybe it’s time to stop some of the action.

From Hollywood to television to our ubiquitous videocams, everything now is in action. Busy, intense action. But here’s the thing. The visuality of action may be great for experiencing what’s happening; but lousy for examining what just happened.

But there still IS the still camera. And all those magnificent still candid’s which capture and freeze their subjects in time forever. As with paintings and murals, we can examine, explore,and excite to the drama of this particular moment. Its venue… composition…faces…oh and especially its eyes and hands which tell us so very much not otherwise noticed in film or video.

Consider your daily newspaper. Why not take the time to study these photographic moments. The joy of victory…the passion of purpose…the moment of sorrow…the instant of panic… especially the unguarded splices of time in which the leader or celebrity is caught and caged inside a frame which our memories will never be able to forget.

Better even than the the newspaper, why not those dusty old family albums? Tucked inside those covers sleep hundreds of moments-in-time that probably go back generations. Want to get in touch with those faces? those lives? those parts of your existence? Grab a cup of tea, and sit back to enjoy your favorites. It’s something every person should do before someone does it for you at the wake.

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