Everybody Prays At Least Once In Their Life

….they pray for a miracle.

All right, I perfectly understand how the idea is trampled by our neurological attack-dogs and triumphed by our true-believers. However, I propose we leave behind the battle-over-evidence inasmuch as the evidence on each side is equally irrefutable. One is using science, the other faith; the evidentiary twain rarely if ever meets.

When it comes to what we call miracles, their origins trace as far back as monotheism. It just got a lot easier to count the wonders of one god rather than dozens. So even before Jesus of Galilee started dazzling the crowds, there were miracle-working wizards and messiahs among the Jews. However, the Jesus miracles really grabbed the spotlight.

Trouble is this miracle thing gradually went from a spectacular few in the Holy Land to thousands every year in every land. In market terms, the supply has started to outpace the demand. In medical terms, the claims have outpaced the surgeons.

However, in human terms, there never seems to be any lack of hope. of need. of desperate longing for “at least this one miracle.” The old cliche about no-atheists-in-foxholes-and-hospitals creeps into the debate. Whether they believe in prayer or not: “Please at least this one miracle.”

Is this just despair and hysteria at work? If you’ve been there, well you know it is. Hope and faith? If you’ve been there, you know they are too. When the surgery or treatment is all over, now what? Success often permits the halo of ‘miracle.’ Even by some of the physicians themselves.

Failure of course is another whole matter. But that’s when a different kind of ‘miracle’ sometimes takes place. If the family comes to believe something like: “Thank god, at least they’re at peace…”


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