Damn Those Coma's That Get In The Way

The news we read and hear is written in Comma’s, because every item is just a pause in the longer text….the History we study later is written in Periods, because now we can see how those items unfolded into whole sentences… ITEMS like More, Scaramucci, and Weinstein disappear into the sentences and into the chapters….what will last in the Histories are the PATTERNS….so when your children read the History of 21st C America, all they will know [or need to know] is how these patterns played out….such as the Coarsening of our politics by the rejection of facts with fictions..! the Bigness of our economics with the rise of giants like Amazon, Internet, Disney….! the One Percent with its new tax breaks, de-regulation, access to Oval Office power…! it’s a good idea not to fixate on the many little comma’s along the way, but rather to focus on those periods and chapters…. on the patterns that are unfolding right before I eyes if we know how to recognize…. otherwise we’re blinded by a maze of comma’s that don’t seem to have any connection

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