Citizens ~ Give Me Your Old Civics Books

It’s an annual ritual every yearend. Hoist the winners; set aside the losers.

Donald Trump, #Me Too, and Tribalism are among the winners. The saddest loser may be our Democracy. Those old Civics Textbooks have been out of date for some time, but this year made it official.

Remember their guiding principles? One person one vote…majority rule…three branches of government…separation of powers….judicial review? Can any serious observer pretend they are still fully operational?

The Founding Fathers crafted the system brilliantly, but 231 years of good service later, it’s only an echo of what it was. Because while they anticipated almost every contingency, they simply couldn’t make it irresistible to the overpowering crunch of Money and Mood.

* Yes, they feared the concentration of money into the hands of the few. But just 1%? Just a minority of a minority whose wealth buys votes, office, legislation with few consequences?

* Yes, they feared dis-informed citizens voting unwisely. But just four giant media conglomerates — Comcast, Walt Disney, News Corp, TimeWarner — as national mood setters?

A salute to their work, but to ignore these realities is to insult their vision. It’s time we did better. While there’s time.

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