Was It Really An Archie Bunker Election...?


Look, it’s just human nature to search for explanations to what’s happening in your world. They usually come in the form of some committee report or conspiracy theory or maybe just a fictional character.

I submit to you: Archie Bunker.

Don’t get me wrong. Sure he represents what the election experts are calling the “revolt of the White, male middle class.” But lets take a closer look. Archie didn’t become an endearing fixture in the American culture simply because he was angry, White, male, and middle class. No! Beneath the gruff, crude bigotry was a little man with some very big ideals.

He loved his country [as he remembered it]…he respected the law [as he understood it]…he was loyal to friends, job and neighborhood [as he saw them]….and he adored his family [ even “Meathead’]. Although he wouldn’t admit it, he got a few tears in his eyes whenever he saw the Flag or held a baby.

So it’s OK with me if the experts explain this election in terms of the Archie Bunker’s. Only when they do, they need to remember just how decent Archie really was. And hopefully will continue to be over these next four years

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