The Last Thing You Will Need To Know About Trumpism & The Resistance

What does the average 9-to-5 Chicagoan think about the two militant words: Trumpism and Resistance? The Tribune’s medley of Right/Left editorials offers us insights. And yet, the insights are often fiercely mixed and confusing.

So lets try reading, not simply reporting history. Lets try reading into any patterns that seem to run through our 45 presidencies.

When we do, one thing becomes obvious. Each presidency has spun a view of our nation that eventually ignited a counter-view. Today there is Trump’sbellicose tear-things-up view; then the Resistance lets-keep-what’s-worked view.

When in the 1980s Reagan called us the dream of a shining-city-on-the-hill for the the world, he was echoing what had been first uttered in the 1620s. No, not a perfect dream, nor perfectly realized. And yet, one we can see in Monroe’s doctrine of keeping the Western Hemisphere safe for the dream….Lincoln’s struggle to save the dream from dissolution ….Wilson’s vision of making the world safe for the dream…and FDR’s economic experimenting during the Depression to save the dream from ruin.

The dream of these presidencies is what many in today’s Resistance claim as their cause. A cause they say Trumpism negates by turning its back on dreaming, and instead for Steve Bannon’s deconstruction [aka “deconstruction of the administrative state”].

Trumpism prides itself in being a knuckle-fisted, walled-in restoration of the nativistic America which has always considered dreams like the Statue of Liberty rather weak in the face of a dangerous outside world. With each new terror foreign or domestic, there is a growing we-told-you-so among his supporters.

But with each new assault, the Resistance insist we fight for the dream, not fold from its risks.

And so….once again we stand at another crossroad in our history. Our children are watching us.

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