Fortress America ~ circa 2018


History is the story of conflict. Between civilizations [Greece & Persia], between countries [France & England], between ideas [Fascism & Democracy], between parties [Right & Left].

As of 2016 a new conflict brews [between one America & another]. Zealous ideologues inside the Trump camp like Steven Bannon preach an ancient doctrine largely alien to us: “Soil & Blood.” When the soil or landscape of a country has been largely the same for generations, and when the blood or nationality has also been largely the same, then political crusades like Mussolini’s Fascism and Hitler’s Nazism in the 1930s can make great good sense to those who feel left out.

But in the United States neither condition, the Soil nor the Blood, exist in that same way. Indeed, this is what has made us unique from our first founding. To the White Europeans who settled/ invaded the continent, the Soil was what you made it not what history had provided you. The Blood too was not at all the same, for we were and remain a nation of many nations.

So what we are witnessing in Washington is an historic conflict in which Trumpian ideologues rally for a new Soil & Blood doctrine, tucked inside Make America Great Again. In the last 12 months we have seen passionate pockets of survivalists and racists who resonate to the demagogic call of a White American Fortress walled in and purified of foreign blood.

This has within its beating heart a long repressed it-feels-so-right-how-can-it-be-wrong….?

Polls suggest it’s a deeply powerful seduction among at least a third of the citizenry. Probably not in Bannon’s kind of bare-boned ideological rage, but when this ancient Soil & Blood mantra is properly customized. The government/media Establishment that has remained out of the ashes of 2016 are maintaining a steady drumbeat of warnings [aka, the Resistance]. Meanwhile, the legion that has risen out of the victories of 2016 is pressing its new opportunities [aka, the Alt Right].

The President….? Soil & Blood, Resistance, and Alt Right may all be too complicated for a Tweet. Just let me keep my victory, hold my rallies, build my hotels, and fulfill as many campaign pledges I can without this town’s “political hacks” getting in my glorious hair.

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