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The Arts & The Algorithms Finally Meet On A Dark Street

  The heading comes from the assumption both are in the task of shedding light on the human condition. But my, how differently! In today’s age of expanding algorithmic usage, I can almost imagine Tennessee Williams testing his audience data, and making Stanley in “Streetcar Names Desire” more metro-sexual. Or Thornton Wilder in “Our Town”... Read more »

Fortress America ~ circa 2018

  History is the story of conflict. Between civilizations [Greece & Persia], between countries [France & England], between ideas [Fascism & Democracy], between parties [Right & Left]. As of 2016 a new conflict brews [between one America & another]. Zealous ideologues inside the Trump camp like Steven Bannon preach an ancient doctrine largely alien to... Read more »

And Now The Starling Story Of American Body Hair

  We begin with the simple fact that every body has hair. What makes the story complicated are all the incredibly different places where that hair either glorifies or horrifies us. Stay with me here, because there are some follicle facts you may have never considered. First among these remarkably inane facts is that no... Read more »

The Secret To The Universe.....So Obvious It Has Been Forgotten

Here it is….the prototypical leadership conference for which I wrote executive presentations….everyone in the room trying to learn the response-zone in people which can sell their idea, close the sale, or win the election….if there really is such a zone it may be what mind-readers have been telling us since Aristotle, Benjamin Franklin, Dale Carnegie,... Read more »

Was It Really An Archie Bunker Election...?

  Look, it’s just human nature to search for explanations to what’s happening in your world. They usually come in the form of some committee report or conspiracy theory or maybe just a fictional character. I submit to you: Archie Bunker. Don’t get me wrong. Sure he represents what the election experts are calling the... Read more »

The Great And Renewable Mommy Curse

  Oh, you haven’t heard of the Mommy Curse….? Been around at least since the black days of the Dark Ages in the witchy forests of Europe. It’s what your exhausted mother did on another of those frenetic play-times when you and your sibs were methodically driving her into maternal madness. At the time you... Read more »

The Last Thing You Will Need To Know About Trumpism & The Resistance

What does the average 9-to-5 Chicagoan think about the two militant words: Trumpism and Resistance? The Tribune’s medley of Right/Left editorials offers us insights. And yet, the insights are often fiercely mixed and confusing. So lets try reading, not simply reporting history. Lets try reading into any patterns that seem to run through our 45 presidencies.... Read more »

A Wickedly Wise Prescription For All The Winters Of Your Life

Gather round, kiddies, and I will share this never-fail prescription. Frankly it’s one you intuitively knew as a child every time mom put you to bed when you were sick and had to miss school. Please tell me you can still recall the delicious sound of those words? Those times of cosmic perfection when you... Read more »