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Searching For The Perfect Moment In Time That Says: "Chicago As We Were During WWII?"

Two Fierce Reasons To Hide In Your Bed Tomorrow Morning

Whatever one’s political persuasion, it’s clear the man in the White House is both different, and yet very much the same… different in the monumental lack of experience & conviction…yet the same as any authoritarian in history….that is, someone who sees himself as embodiment of both the soil & blood of the nation….Sinclair Lewis wrote... Read more »

Shhhh....This Is A City Secret Only City Kids Know

The landscape of childhood varies from venue to venue….in the countryside and suburbs, lots of grass and trees… the inner city, lots of apartment buildings and front steps…. wherever fate pegs it, chances are it’s a fantasy-land thick with special games, races and hideaways….oh and also a locked gateway

The Remains Of Another Day ~ Most Of Your Didn't Live

Something fiercely common is happening in Chicago right now. Another crumbling westside movie house is being razed. Its demise prompts this question: Do you ever wonder what happens to your thoughts….? In the fullness of time, they typically become one of two things. Actions or memories. Like all energy, they endure in both space and... Read more »

Lets Not Get Too Cocky About Progress ~ We Don't Own It

In our pride with progress, we occasionally assume it belongs to this generation….but consider how Chicago built this sprawling White City more than 100 years ago…all part of our world class Columbian Exposition of 1893….what’s more, we built it only to take it all down the next few years….unlike ancient Athens and Rome, we seem... Read more »

State Street's Old "Greatness" Replaced By "Cocooning"

Consider this for a long moment….traditional window shopping along State Street is something like Medieval Europe’s great church murals….opportunities for people to get out and come together in a common experience….with the rise of Facebook & Amazon & Google people no longer need to leave their home screens….no wonder we have a hard time understanding... Read more »

Once Upon A Lovely Lost Time Ago In My America

In postwar America some national traditions, rightly or wrongly, still held fast….family, flag, community ….oh and of course the girl-next-door….along with Doris Day and Joan Leslie on the screen, there were real-life girls like Bonnie and Peggy in the neighborhood….and of all things, this is how they dressed for school and met you after class... Read more »

When The Time Comes, What Will You Do With The Time ~ Because It's Coming Soon

It’s holiday time, and once again we are about to see Capitalism at its worst. Making and selling more stuff than we really need. Call them whatever you wish — discards, throwaways, junk — but we can only use so many bathrobes, flower vases, candelabras, hassocks, and board games. And yet, right now Capitalism is... Read more »

Penny For Your Thoughts; Dollar For Your Dreams

We all dream. Every night. Some are Hollywood dreams about being rich and famous. Others are Dorothy Gale dreams about being over the rainbow. Still others border on the nightmarish. After we’re awake some of us still keep dreaming as in the case of the $60 billion spent each year on state lotteries. Now a... Read more »

Facebook Kidnaps An Election & Raises The Toughest Question Since 1776

Occasionally presidential history repeats itself. Only this time it may have done so in reverse. On July 13, 1973 Alexander Butterfield revealed he had helped ‘install’ Nixon’s infamous tape machine in the White House. This week Brad Parscale revealed on “60 Minutes” he had helped ’embed’ Facebook personnel in the Trump campaign. The first revelation... Read more »