Reading The Tea Leaves Before They Are Drunk

Might we advance this hypothesis…? the Sixties helped make Trumpism possible….because in the 1960s we began to see the old order [aka, Establishment] rejected, scorned and laughed at…in that culture, truth and proprietary got lost in the exciting shuffle of finding-your-own-truth…over the succeeding decades, such an anti-Establishment ethos grew in literature, film and especially music….by the 21st C, the old form & formality was pretty much discarded…along with objective rational truth…the mood was ripe for someone who wasn’t part of the educated elite, but part of the make-a-buck anyway you can crowd….all he had to do was slap a label like “populism” on it…. anyone still rebelling found him a hero… well, I said it was just a hypothesis…you will have to decide

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