On Behalf Of Your Morning Editions Before It's Too Late

OK, so this proposal to preserve your morning editions may be unlikely; but lets consider the thought behind it anyway.

We are told our morning editions belong to a disappearing era. Why wait hours to find out what you can, minute by minute on your smart phone? However, on the other and perhaps better hand, you don’t actually live life minute by minute do you? Maybe stock brokers & hedge fund managers; the rest of us, and that’s about 99.5%, tend to live day-to-day or sunrise-to-sunset or 9-to-5.

Living inside these longer news cycles, we really don’t need to know immediately WHO shot who, WHAT happened to the Mayor’s zoning proposal, WHEN the prime minister of New Guinea resigned, or WHY the Pope is calling a new council. Chances are each of these will still mean as much or as little when you get up in the morning.

And besides, what could you have done about them anyway, except feel even more helpless. But by waiting till morning to discover what your world has been up to, you just may experience a rare reassuring sensation of some order-in-the-world. Sipping your coffee, going from one page to the next, you may not be changing your world, but possibly yourself.

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