Is The Government Store-housing Your Sperm...?

We Americans fall in love with the strangest things. Everything from Cole Porter ballads and Elvis Presley hips to Arthur Miller plays and Marilyn Monroe lips.

We’ve especially had this passionate love affair with democracy ever since we cheered our Declaration of Independence. At Gettysburg Lincoln spoke of preserving it…in WWI Wilson spoke of making the world safe for it…after 9/11 Bush talked about bringing it to the Middle East.

However, like a drunk sobering up from a binge, we are now staring at Syria, Iraq and Egypt and re-thinking this national arrogance. I mean, is our democracy something their cultures really want? Or is this simply another ego trip by our missionary zeal to make the world in our own image and likeness as did the Pilgrims in New England and the Conquistadors in South America?

You’ve heard men brag for years how the male of the species is by nature non-monogamous. Now you’re hearing some of them advance their belief people are by nature non-democratic. This because we are instead tribal by nature as Syria, Iraq and Egypt seem to be proving. If so, if the world is by nature neither monogamous nor democratic, what does this bode for tomorrow….?

Unlike some of the self-assured pundits on Sunday morning talk shows, you and I probably couldn’t say. But here’s some news that makes me wonder why and how some folks are planning for that tomorrow. reports: “In a vast storehouse in Fort Collins Colorado the US Department of Agriculture has warehoused 700,000 vials of sperm from 18 different species of animals including cows, sheep and turkeys. In the event of some apocalypse, USDA’s Dr Harvey Blackburn explains we have the ability to repopulate entire breeds….”

Lets think about that.

Like those narrators love to ask on the History Channels, “What if …?”  What is human sperm is finding its way into similar storehouses in order to repopulate a devastated America? Hmmm? And if so, are these vials pro monogamy and democracy or not?”

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