Imagine Caesar, Napoleon, Or Lincoln On Twitter

Social Media has become the new kid on the block everyone likes to either claim or criticize. One day it’s the ‘new democracy,’ another day it’s ‘mob democracy,’ still another it’s the way the general public is going brain-dead. So which is it….?

If Caesar, Napoleon or Lincoln had Twitter, one might imagine a very different world today. Already the current resident in the White House is proving the point, to the point of considerable mayhem.  But Politics aside, what exactly has social media done to us? A few guesses:

* Economically ~ If you’re blue collar, not much. I mean you live from paycheck to paycheck so who the hell has extra money to bet with faster stock transactions or margin buying? If you’re white collar, it may just mean you can lose your money on the markets quicker than before. Either way, now you have more speed in your hands than your brain knows what to do with….!

* Educationally ~ If you’re a teacher, social media has probably become your rival. No longer do you get the chance to be the font-of-all-wisdom in front of the room. If you’re a student, you can access reference sources like Google for more answers than your teacher has questions. Either way, learning has changed forever. Now the problem isn’t so much finding history, but selecting which….?

* Socially ~ If you’re out-of-the-office, out-of-town, or just out-of-it, that prodigious little bauble ┬ácan put you into instant contact with ‘them.’ Only now, ‘them’ can find you too whether you want to be found or not. Unless of course you’re a teenage girl. In their case they’ve sorta leap-frogged Silicon Valley by using their widgets to be in virtual contact with everybody except the actual people next to them…!

And so another day in Humanity’s eternal search to figure out: Exactly what the hell am I doing here….?


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