Five Outrageous Ways To Take The Joy Out Of Sex

Throughout history men and women have discovered both the need for [Evolution’s take] and the danger of [Bible’s take] sex. But also the joy of sex. So much joy, in fact, both the evolutionists and the religionists felt it necessary to analyze this joy. You know, break it down into what parts of the brain light up and/or what parts of the soul blink.

As a simple aficionado of the joys of first love, first kiss, and first sex, I have to protest. Why can’t we just stop with all the charts and graphs and lab research. You know, just allow unexamined sex to be enjoyed without scientific details.

That is of course a useless protest. Throughout the centuries there have been at least five overly dedicated arbiters  who have told us sex is too complex to be practiced without appropriately complex guides . The Vatican….the Monastics….. the Puritans….the Fundamentalists….. Masters & Johnson.

Recently the New York Times devoted an entire editorial page to the “spontaneous orgasm.” If that term haunts you in bed tonight, me too. Nevertheless, today’s researchers insist nothing is too pleasant or too natural not to be studied! published! discussed! and eventually show up in the New York Times!

Maybe we can’t help ourselves. We have this need to know. I mean that’s why we send our kids to school, right?  And yet when Socrates said “the unexamined life is not worth living,” maybe he got it wrong. Sometimes, the unexamined moments in our lives are fine just the way they are. Like the stars, the ocean, the birds in flight, the first blush of young love, and the last blush of old love.

Better than subjects for study, call them what they really are. Mysteries. Intoxicating mysteries. Period, end of discussion


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