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As Schools Open, Those History Classes More Important Than Ever

The America which our high school students left back in May has changed considerably in just these last two months. Many teachers have already heard from their districts about how to address the current political differences withsensitivity. It echoes today’s talk about “both sides.”  To be sure, there have always been different sides in our... Read more »

"Game Of Thrones" & "Westworld" ~ More Than Fantasy In The Age Of Trump

Think about it. Think about how the Why question helps distinguish us as Americans. Some of us take what is for granted; while others need to know why it is. Neither is right, and yet the Why people may be on to something. Here in 2017 there are so many afflicting Why questions. Why did... Read more »

When Bogie Kissed Bergman In "Casablanca" He Hadn't Read This Report

What report…? Another of those polysyllabic research papers from some university science department where the 2oth C’s interest in probing outer space has been supplanted with the 21st C’s interest in exploring inner space. If our iconic Casablanca lovers had seen this recent Oxford study, they may have been more self-conscious when kissing during their... Read more »

Correction! Beauty IS The Beast.....

Beauty IS the beast!….let me explain… Evolution may have a flaw in it after all, for in recent anthropological history, “beauty genes” have steadily dominated “average genes”…the beautiful people [especially the female of the species] are rapidly replacing the average people in most public roles… from movies to politics, from anchor desks to talking heads,... Read more »

Imagine Caesar, Napoleon, Or Lincoln On Twitter

Social Media has become the new kid on the block everyone likes to either claim or criticize. One day it’s the ‘new democracy,’ another day it’s ‘mob democracy,’ still another it’s the way the general public is going brain-dead. So which is it….? If Caesar, Napoleon or Lincoln had Twitter, one might imagine a very... Read more »

Is The Government Store-housing Your Sperm...?

We Americans fall in love with the strangest things. Everything from Cole Porter ballads and Elvis Presley hips to Arthur Miller plays and Marilyn Monroe lips. We’ve especially had this passionate love affair with democracy ever since we cheered our Declaration of Independence. At Gettysburg Lincoln spoke of preserving it…in WWI Wilson spoke of making... Read more »

Hello Chicago ~ Eating To Live/Living To Eat

Eating is serious business. We spend approximately six years of our life eating. Now in a busier more mobile America, much of that eating occurs outside the home. Which brings us to the savory fact there are more than 7000 restaurants in the Chicago area, serving tens of thousands of meals every day, from our culture’s three largest menus. First,... Read more »

Look Closer ~~ We're All Crossing The Same Bridge Of No Return

Have you noticed…? We’re all crossing this same bridge, from diaper to shroud, only we’re each traveling it at a slightly different point along the way. And that, fellow travelers, is one of life’s great ironies. Even though we are all sharing the same bridge, we are each on our own trip. As determined by... Read more »

Five Outrageous Ways To Take The Joy Out Of Sex

Throughout history men and women have discovered both the need for [Evolution’s take] and the danger of [Bible’s take] sex. But also the joy of sex. So much joy, in fact, both the evolutionists and the religionists felt it necessary to analyze this joy. You know, break it down into what parts of the brain... Read more »

Happiness ~ Everyone Wants It; Few Understand It

As expected, Oscar Wilde made a joke out of it: “The happiness of a married man depends upon the people he has not married.” As expected, ancient Greek philosophers like Epictetus made a profundity out of it: “The way to live a life free from sorrow, think of what is about to happen as if... Read more »